5 Must-Have Useful Applications for iPhone X

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Apple finally launched what its users were eagerly waiting for but, with a surprise. Along with iPhone 8 and 8+, the smartphone leader also came up with iPhone X, a phone with no buttons on the front, just tAuthor Bio : I am a professional blogger. For more info visit our social profile

The new iPhone is available in 64GB and 256GB variants and boasts a screen size of 5.65 inches. With 12 megapixel back and 7-megapixel True Depth front camera, the new device has become a sensation among top iPhone app development companies in USA.

Well, with a new amazing phone, you will need some amazing apps to use. iPhones usually don’t hang, they offer the monstrous amount of space for you to utilize. However, not every app out there worth a try.

Hence, our experts put together this list of application on a range of different categories including video streaming, messaging, and gaming. Some of this app might seem quite familiar while some will apparently look strange. Here you go:

1. YouTube

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Google-owned YouTube is really the only video streaming app you need to install. It is driven by AI. That means you will encounter with the content of your liking more and less on the one that you are not interested in.

2. BitMoji

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In BitMoji, you will be able to create a cartoon avatar of yourself while having an extensive list of customization tools. You will be able to change its hair colors, outfits, and accessories. There are countless emojis are available for you and this app can link to Snapchat.

3. Whatsapp

If you live in America or Australia, you might not have heard about it but Whatsapp is the best messaging app in the app store right now. Why? Because, along with the messaging feature which is quite smooth, you get video calling, audio calling, and file transferring system.

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4. Kitchen Stories

Among so many cooking apps scattered around app store, Kitchen Stories stands apart. It includes video guides, and picture wise instruction. A shopping list is attached to it and you can Apple TV. You can save certain recipes to your cooking list.

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5. Yelp

If you want to find out about the popular and highly rated public or privately owned food, entertainment, club, bars, and any joint. You could also rate, add photos, and give a review to a place you have been. If your reviews are good and frequent enough, you will gain the elite status.

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A lot of iPhone app development services in USA are creating more and more useful app often. However, it is not graphics you should run to, it’s actually the functionality and usability.


Author Bio : I am a professional blogger. For more info visit our social profile

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