Having a Business App Offers More Customer Loyalty Than You Think

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Apps are very powerful when it comes to developing customer loyalty. Successful businesses know this that is a way to easier to constantly fuel up your business with loyal and existing customers than to acquisition of new prospects. Loyal customers not only repetitively buy from … [Read more...]

Significance of Having an Android App for Startups

If you haven’t wondered about it yet, let us turn your attention to the fact that one of the major reasons behind the prevalence of social media is Android. It provided social media train another track to slip on.   Today, you can find Android in 4 out of 5 smartphones. … [Read more...]

Pinterest Marketing Hack: 4 Potent Analytic Tools to Boost Campaign Efficiency

  The Pinterest is a powerful social media platform, rivaling the popularity of Twitter and Instagram. This is probably why digital marketers have started investing even more time and resources in Pinterest marketing. My friend, working as a digital marketing manager in a … [Read more...]