Having a Business App Offers More Customer Loyalty Than You Think

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Apps are very powerful when it comes to developing customer loyalty. Successful businesses know this that is a way to easier to constantly fuel up your business with loyal and existing customers than to acquisition of new prospects.

Loyal customers not only repetitively buy from your business, but they also refer your brand and their experience with you with the people in their circle, be it friends, colleagues, or relatives.

My friend, who owns a Mobile app development company in USA, tells me that he hasn’t acquired any new clients from the last 2 years. Existing customers and their referrals have been enough for him.

Today, people spend as much as one-eighth of their total daily times on smartphones. And the fact that whether the smartphone affects a customer’s loyalty or not is out of the question. Without a doubt, phone and mobile apps are very efficient tools to win you the customer’s loyalty.

A month ago, digital marketing experts at our firm conducted a research to find out the advantages of having a mobile app over mobile websites if your goal is to build customer loyalty. However, having both don’t actually hurt. Let’s see how a business mobile app affects a customer’s loyalty:

  1. Apps Offer a Way to Stay Connected with Your Users

On the basis of your user’s likes, dislikes, location, festivities in their locality, and frequency of using smartphones, you can run tailored marketing campaigns in the forms of push notifications.

  1. User’s Time Spent on Apps Vs Mobile Web

The figure is just astonishing. Users spend 700% more time on a company’s app than their mobile websites. If you employ this factor to drive sales, the return you would be getting will be mesmerizing.

  1. App Stays There Forever

Your Mobile app development company in USA app will stay on your customer’s phone always as long as you provide good services and personalized offer. They don’t have to check it out every time, unlike websites. Just a click and they are there.

While your customers are spending hours on their smartphones, they know about the factors that ups the stature of a brand. And having a mobile app and a website are among those.

As long as your customer has your app installed on his phone you can reach to them with a direct push message whether informative or promotional.

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