Know The Mechanism of iPhone App Marketing Lifecycle: All 3 Stages Described

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The internet is jam-packed with distinct insightful articles on how does an iPhone app development lifecycle works. However, there are only a handful of sources that shed lights on different stages of marketing life cycles of an application which is exactly we are going to discuss in detail here.

For any business, developing an iOS app has become very convenient nowadays as a number of iPhone app development companies in USA are there to boost your idea to the app stores. However, the real challenge starts exactly when you plan and execute your marketing strategy to bring up your app in front of the audience.

During the early stage of customer acquisition, these marketing efforts pay off really well and you embrace the sudden exponential hike in the number of daily and monthly installs of your app. However, gradually this increasing graph slows down and appears to halt at a constant value with almost none momentous growth or bump.

This happens because of your marketing efforts you have already gathered the ‘best’ users (for whom the app is most relevant) at the initial stage of marketing. Hence, even with the same marketing budget, it’s hard to find big fishes at the later stages of marketing. Here’s a list of all three stages of iPhone app marketing:

  1. The Initial Stage

At this stage, you might experience strong returns on your marketing efforts as you are adhering to the ad channels with a highest-quality, reach, integrity and a very low chance of fraud.

Additionally, you will be reaching out the most relevant prospects for the very first time and thus, the chances to retain massive relevant users is high.

  1. The Growth Stage

As you have already acquired a big chunk of the relevant user base, you might want to adhere to the second tier ad channels and sources to approach new users as many iPhone app development services usually do.

At this stage, you would need to expand your team to closely observe all the campaigns to lower the change of fraud.

  1. The Strategy Stage

At this stage, sticking with just the mediocre ad channels won’t do you anything good. And you might need to expand your marketing budget and make for more complex forms of strategies including TV ads, media campaigns, IP integrations and much more.

Every iPhone app marketing stage brings more complexity with it and essential to implement if you actually don’t want to fall behind the race.

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