Pinterest Marketing Hack: 4 Potent Analytic Tools to Boost Campaign Efficiency


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The Pinterest is a powerful social media platform, rivaling the popularity of Twitter and Instagram. This is probably why digital marketers have started investing even more time and resources in Pinterest marketing.

My friend, working as a digital marketing manager in a top CodeIgniter web development companies in USA, allocate way more budget in Pinterest than that of Facebook, thanks to the visual richness it offers.

Another reason you should start a marketing campaign on Pinterest right away is its huge and ever-growing user base. However, we can understand the hassle that comes with starting a campaign on a new social media terrain. Hence, we have enlisted these 4 effective Pinterest tools to help you with your campaigns:

1. ViralTag

You have probably heard about this one as its importance in running targeted campaigns on Facebook and Instagram has been hidden to no one. This tool lets you schedule your posts from a single or multiple accounts.

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It also provides you with various image editing tools and let you check the metrics to analyze your post’s performance.

2. Pinterest Analytics

This is a free tool provided by Pinterest itself to businesses. That means you would require a business account if you want to use it. Don’t worry, you can convert your personal account to a business account in a snap of fingers.

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It does the similar job as Facebook’s Insights and Twitter’s Analytics for your nd reach of your pins. CodeIgniter web development service, showing you the impressions a


3. Tail Wind

If you are into knowing each and every smallest of analytic aspect and don’t mind spending a few bucks, Tail Wind is what you are looking for. It offers three different business pricing packages – Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, and they usually cost from $10 to $800 charged monthly.

It shows you virtually everything you could know about your pins, their reach, impression, and much more.


4. PinPinterest

This cool tool allows you to grab a campaign speed you are most comfortable in. You can either schedule your posts to post gradually or you can choose to go on a rampage. You can set pin, like, comment or do almost every single thing on auto, reducing your manual efforts.

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Tools reduce your manual efforts by high leaps. However, while using such a tool, don’t forget to add a Pinterest widget to all pages of your website to let your users know and connect with you there. It will also increase your engagement as well as reach.


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