Significance of Having an Android App for Startups

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If you haven’t wondered about it yet, let us turn your attention to the fact that one of the major reasons behind the prevalence of social media is Android. It provided social media train another track to slip on.


Today, you can find Android in 4 out of 5 smartphones. Moreover, recent statistics by top Android app development companies in USA suggest that major social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are getting more clicks from apps than their website counterparts.


This shift inclined the new businesses and entrepreneur to focus more on Android to strengthen up their social media marketing efforts. This helped them reach a wider base of prospects and customers.


Social media originated back in the 90s on a small scale. However, the main revolution was started in the emerging days of Facebook and Orkut (you may not know about it). Twitter, Instagram, and Google+ then made new entries in the revolution since then.


With all the updates and technology globalization, the internet made its reach to almost every other household. And these social media platforms grew stronger with that. Now everything is shareable be it images, status, videos, or text content, you can flaunt your moments, your thoughts with just everyone.


Later the basic keypad phone that provided no more functionality than to call and browse, was replaced by smartphones that were just the minimized versions of computers. Android was quickly the most powerful and popular operating system for phones.


The popularity has grown to a level now when Android app development services in USA are high in demand. Today, every rising business wants their Android app developed. 50% of total internet visits are now from smartphones. Hence, you can’t decline the significance of having an own business app.


Having a business app, you can seamlessly reach to your existing customers, while enticing them to help you get new ones. Push notifications, in-app notifications, deals, offers, and every marketing strategy you can think off, is now achievable through a mobile application.


People are spending less and less time on their PC and more and more time on their smartphones. So why not leverage the fact? Why not give them another reason to save their time all while putting Android in use to make your marketing more effective.



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