Smart Ways to Use Mobile Technology for Exam Preparation


Some students start preparing for their exam from the very beginning of their commencement of classes after vacations, whereas some students start preparing just a few days before their exam starts. In both the cases, students feel nervous for the preparation and here the technology comes to the rescue. There is a saying, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” In most particular words, learning anything in a practical way is the best way one can follow. In this tech-savvy world, people are completely dependent on technology for a better life and hence it is also implemented in the field of education. It makes learning so easy with its superb features that students can learn more concepts in a lesser time and in a smarter way. Thanks to technology, we have educational applications which have features like adaptive learning, videos with 3D animation & in air projection technique and detailed analysis which makes learning effective.

Here is a list of smart ways to use mobile technology for exam preparation:


  1. Understand a concept with video lectures: It becomes hectic if you sit for 2 to 3 hours for studying because studying for a long time will not help you to focus properly. Video lectures are an entertaining way of compacting an entire chapter into a short timeframe. This will help you remember key details from the video lecture which you can utilize while preparing for the exam. For an instance, biology is such a subject which has topics like the structure of DNA, photosynthesis and much more with complex processes and diagrams which are difficult to understand. But these topics can be studied easily with a well-described video lecture.
  2. Assessments: Using technology you can assess your own performance instantly. Now it is easy to understand tough topics like calculus, cell structure, quantum mechanics and much more with the help of real-time examples on tablets. After understanding the concepts, you can solve the multiple choice problems where you can take tests and get instant feedback on every question. In this way, corrections can be done long before exams.
  3. Structured Syllabus: Educational applications provide a structured syllabus. Most of the time students skip the difficult topics from the book. By learning through an educational app which covers all the topics, resolves the problem of skipping topics as they are sequentially arranged in a proper manner.
  4. Preparing Notes Through Mobile Applications: If you believe in taking notes so that you can refer it while the preparation of exam then the note-taking apps are an absolute help for you. These applications will provide you with an opportunity to jot down all your short notes at one place making it easy for you to read these notes on the go.

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