Spectacular Ways Brands Can Improve their iPhone App’s User Experience

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I am not much of an online shopper. I prefer to walk or drive to the store, buy the products and ride back home. However, I don’t mind making an exception when it comes to ordering pizza online. Well, why a technical writer working in an iPhone app development company in USA, is starting his article with pizza and stuff? Just stick around for a few seconds and you will get the idea.

So, as the pizza arrived at my home, the smile on the delivery boy’s face just brightened up my day. The pizzas were burning hot, nicely cared, and came with just double stuff which was actually needed. Everything was in such a perfect shape that I have ended up giving it a five star when it came to rating the overall user experience.

Ok, let’s get back to the technical. I hope you have got the hint what the example was all about. If you successfully make the initial user experience great through your app, you’ve already won half of the battle. Here’s a list of 5 hacks that ensure a memorable first-time experience:

  1. Allow Your Users to Login with Social Media Platform

Population loves to go with the easy. Allowing your prospect users to log in through major social media platforms such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter is really a quicker way that saves them from all the hassles that appear while filling out monstrously long forms.

  1. Great Onboarding Experience

If your users feel welcomed as soon as they step in your iPhone app’s UI, consider half of your battle already won. No app user like to find his/her way through a maze of complex in-app features.

Use visual or even short descriptive videos to let the user understand the basic functionality of your iPhone application in an easy yet creative manner. If you are a budding iPhone app development service, then check out the introductory animation of COC’s app.

  1. Capture Credit Card Details by Camera

It’s really a painful & time-consuming experience when it comes to entering every detail of your card manually. However, companies like Lyft have enabled customers to use their smartphone’s camera to capture your card’s details.

Anything that helps your customers reduce their efforts and spend their precious time on core features is a must-have for every brand.

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