The Neverending Connection Between UX Design and Customer Retention

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User experience or UX is one of those stunning factors the is often the vital consideration point among business heads before getting an app designed. A good UX design can reinforce your brand among the customers.

While most of the time of today’s generation is spent on their big screened device, it has become more important than ever to reconsider your UX parameters. Many mobile app development companies in USA are finding new design hacks to engage the customers.

All you need to give your customers a reason to look away from instant messaging applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp. And a good UX design can help you achieve that. A recent survey suggests that the majority of smartphone users who download and install 25 applications per month utilize their 80% of their time on just 5 apps.

And that’s where you got to compete with the giants like Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and messaging behemoths. Hence, we have enlisted the most important UX hacks that can let your app outshine others.

  1. App That Explains Itself

No user or reader want to mess with an Android or iOS application where the onboarding is a puzzle game. They want to get to know your app in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Set Your Goals

Do you want to sell your fast food to the foodies and or are you targeting everyone including dieters, pregnant mother, and elderly? In the beginning, keep your scope narrow – suggest leading mobile app development services.


  1. Smooth Navigation

Navigation that is as easy as eating a pie that allows your users to go forward and jump back to the previous location without any significant efforts is the best. You may want to use link-based or image-based navigation. Both are a great choice though.

We hope you have learned a thing or two about UX designing and how it can alter the way your user thinks. Moreover, it can help you in customer retention by giving them a reason that you have invested quite a good amount of time to make their experience and the time they spend on your application better.

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